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WHEN: Aug 31, 2021 at 7PM-9:30PM EST

WHERE: Via our Virtual Event Venue

WHO: Keynote Interview with Plus-size Model, and Body Confidence advocate Tess Holliday, hosted by body confidence advocate and influencer Alex Light. Panel discussion with Aysha Harun, BOA and Taj Reed and The BodCon Social Club hosted by Clarissa Thompson, Chenese Lewis, Darius McKiver and Lilith Fury

WHAT: A virtual cocktail party unpacking the relationship between Beauty and Body Confidence and how these two worlds can both support and challenge one another. The BodCon TALKS: Beauty and Body Confidence is the 4th event of The BodCon initiative where community is brought together for conversation, spontaneity and connection that will ultimately create positive change on how we view our bodies. 

Social Club Format: We are so excited to have such amazing speakers joining us for the Social Club. Our goal is to give the community an opportunity to meet and greet with some trailblazers in this space as well as participate in thought provoking discussions all centered around Beauty & Body Confidence! The social club consists of 3 Rounds of, each with its own prompt. We will randomize the participants into small groups and give everyone the opportunity to chat and learn from one another!

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